Build-A-Runner Workshop

A short (2 hour) session designed for four (4) players to create a Shadowrun Missions legal character.

New to Shadowrun? Need help making a character? Or maybe you have played Shadowrun before, but you need to make sure you bring a character who is legal to play in Shadowrun MIssions? You’re in the right place!

In our Build-A-Runner Workshop you will be walked through the Shadowrun character creation process with an experienced GM who will ensure that you create a character legal to play in Shadowrun Missions games. You can then take this character and test it out in one of our First Taste events for free!


I would like to build a runner. Hook me up plz.

Sounds Amazing. However, are the followup sessions after First Taste for free or does one has to pay for those?

Bobby Frankenberger

Good question. The Build-a-runner and First Taste are free. The missions games will cost a few bucks (less than a game at Origins or GenCon).

Hellen Tomazin

I know very little about the game.
I’ve played Shadowrun Crossfire boardgame with my friends last weekend and now I want to try the RPG.
So I would like to build a character, and play how do I subscribe?

Bobby Frankenberger

We probably haven’t made it clear on this site that all these “sessions” are upcoming. None of them are actually live yet. They are all part of the SRM Online venue that we are in the process of creating. These sessions will definitely be a service we provided in the coming months.

Having said that, we do have a rich and welcoming community of players who can help you get started creating a character. You should check out the Shadowcasters Network Discord server ( ). We have over 1200 members in there who love talking about and helping people with Shadowrun. After you’ve done that I’m sure they can get you involved in a Shadowrun game somewhere!

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