First Taste

A short (2 hour) session for six (6) players designed to help players jump in and get a quick feel for Shadowrun.

Brand new to Shadowrun? Or maybe you just haven’t played Shadowrun in a really long time? Either way, some people might want to get a crash course on how the game of Shadowrun feels and plays before they jump head-first into an official Shadowrun Missions game. This is the event for that!

In a First Taste event you get to jump in and play a quick 2 hour game session of Shadowrun intended to give you the feel for what you can expect in a full game. Pre-gen characters will be provided for you to play with, or you can bring a character you’ve made in one of our Build-A-Runner events.

Expect the GM to run a fast and gritty adventure on the fly to give you a distilled Shadowrun experience and expose you to the rules of Shadowrun in action.

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