Tune in at 4PM EST on Friday, July 21st for the Shadowcasters Network’s 36-Hour Stream-A-Thon!

watch it here, or on our Twitch channel!

What is it?

The Shadowcasters Network will be streaming non-stop content for a full 36 hours straight! Tune in to watch us broadcast tabletop RPGs, play video games, give away lots of prizes, and so much more! We’ll have all sorts of Shadowcaster luminaries like Bobby Frankenberger, Damian Szydlo, Cliff Wright, Opti, and many others! Make sure to join in and listen! It’s going to be a blast! A delerious, sleep-deprived BLAST!

What Will Be Streamed?

We’ll have lots of gaming content going for the duration of the Stream-A-Thon. Certainly much of it will be focused on Shadowrun, but we have other RPGs, PC games, and some talk shows planned too! Here are just a few of them:

Shadowrun Anarchy

Ozzkore, from the “Join the Anarchy” Twitch show, will be hosting a Shadowrun Anarchy game that he’ll be running in an audience interactive way. Think of it like mixing Whose Line Is It Anyway? with Shadowrun. Throw in some dancing and maybe a little facepalming and you’ll begin to get a taste for the fun.

Kill Maverick 

Do you want to take your chances at facing off against the Arcology Actual Play’s Maverick in an arena-style combat run by the one and only Mr. Johnson? If you think you have what it takes, then you should get yourself a ticket and be prepared to say hello to Maverick in the way of his people.

Arcology Actual Play: Shiawase Sensitivity Training

The cast of the Arcology Actual Play will be going to some requisite corporate sensitivity training. The class will be led by none other than Bobby Frankenberger. Listen live for a fun scene from the Arcology Podcast’s Actual Play show.


Friend Computer has deemed it necessary for you to attend this show for some mandatory fun. Ozzkore will be running an all-star game of Paranoia which will include players such as Bobby, Cliff, Damian, Opti, Cassie, and others who will be hiding their mutant powers and attempting to vaporize each other all for the glory of Alpha Complex!


Bobby and Damian both suck at playing Overwatch. Bobby is way worse than Damian. If you’d like to spend a couple hours watching them play terribly and listening to Damian blame it all on Bobby, then you won’t want to miss this one!

And Plenty More!

Why Are You Doing This?

Yes, it seems odd that we would subject ourselves to such sleep deprivation. Even for Shadowrun. However, we’re doing this to promote the fundraiser that we have going on to help us get the Shadowcasters Network on its feet and running for the first year of its life. There will be a lot of fun opportunities for people to donate and participate in raffles and giveaways during the show.

We do, of course, encourage you to give any amount at any time… but we’ll be providing you guys with extra fun incentives during the Stream-A-Thon!

See you there!