As part of the Shadowcasters Network 2018 Summer Fundraiser we are raffling off a TON of items. All you have to do is get yourself some Karma Points by going to our Fundrazr Page. Each Karma Point enters your name into the drawing to win one of these items. The more Karma Points you get, the more times your name gets entered, and the better your odds of winning something.

The drawing will take place during our 36-Hour Stream-a-Thon starting on July 6th!



Here is a list of those items with descriptions:

Shadowrun 6th Edition Beginner Box Set

The Shadowrun 6th Edition Beginner Box Set isn’t JUST a set of the Quick Start Rules for SR6, it also includes updated maps, gear cards, spell cards, and lots more. This is your chance to get your hands on what is currently only going to be available for limited purchase at Origins Game Fair. We’ll send it to you if you win!
Donated by: Eric da’MAJ

Shadowrun PDFs

Bundled in different ways, we have a collection of Shadowrun PDFs to be given away. Some of them will be YOUR CHOICE as to what you want. We are able to offer any books available on the DriveThruRPG or Catalyst Web Stores, excluding Kill Code, Street Lethal, and Better Than Bad.

Donated by our sponsors at Catalyst Game Labs

Earthdawn PDFs

We will be giving away a BIG bundle of Earthdawn PDFs that will get anyone started playing Earthdawn.

Donated by our sponsors at FASA Games


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