Interested in streaming? Wish that you could have a nice, professional-looking stream layout? YOU CAN!
Bobby Frankenberger and Oscar Ruso went from having absolutely ZERO experience in graphics and overlay experience, to custom-making all of the overlays for every new show they produce on the Shadowcasters Network. They are  hosting a seminar where they will share with you the tricks they've learned. You'll get to see them create an overlay live on stage and walk away with free access to a package of overlay elements and a list of the resources they use to get stuff done.

Marketing is hard. Building a community and a following around your creative endeavors is one of the most important steps in spreading your art and message to the world. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to build a following around your podcast, stream, or other artistic project. Join some of the Shadowcasters Network founders like Damian Szydlo, Opti, Clifton Wright, and Bobby Frankenberger as they talk about their journey building communities, what they've learned, and the mistakes they've made along the way.

Join Bobby Frankenberger, Cassi Pohlhammer, Clifton Wright, Damian Szydlo, Oscar Ruso, and Opti for their yearly community panel event! They get together, tell stories about each other, talk about what's been going on throughout the year, what's coming in the next year, and take lots of questions from the audience! They always end up hanging out with fans aftwards, too! So if you are a fan of the network, then this should NOT be missed!