HOW TO: Create an Event

Hello, Gamemaster! We’re happy you’re hear! Are you ready to lead a group of runners through the perils of the Sixth World? Well, before you can do that you’re going to have to know how to create a game event so that players can sign up to run for you.

Here’s how it’s done…

Step 0: Become a GM

Okay, okay… presumably you should only be seeing this page if you’re a GM anyway… but just in case our host security sub-routines have failed, we figured we should probably put this step here so that you can get the proper credentials so you can avoid the Blaster IC we’ve just sent after you.


Step 1: Click “Create An Event” in the Menu Bar

Under the “SRM Online” menu go to Gamemasters > Create an Event and click!

Create An Event button in the SRM Online menu

Create An Event button in the SRM Online menu

Step 2: Click “Add New”

After clicking “Create An Event” you are taken to a listing of the events you have created. If you’ve never created an event, this listing will be empy. Click on the “Add New” button to be taken to the Event Creation Form.

The "Add New" button on the Gamemasters's Event Listing page.

The “Add New” button on the Gamemasters’s Event Listing page.

Step 3: Fill Out the Form

On the “Add Event” page is where you enter the details about the event you’d like to run for us.

  • Event Name

    This is… well… the name of the event. There is a certain consistency we’d like to maintain when naming events, as well there are only certain missions and events which we are equipped to have GMs run. For these reasons, the following is a list of valid Event Names. Please enter one of these (or even better, copy and paste):

    • SRM 05-01 | Chasin’ the Wind
    • SRM 05-02 | Critic’s Choice
    • SRM 05-03 | Gone Long Gone
    • SRM 05-04 | Liberation
    • SRM 05-05 | While the City Sleeps
  • When

    • FROM/TO: In the From and To fields you will need to enter the start and end dates (not times). These are often the same date, but in the case of events that start in the evening, the To date may be the following day.
    • EVENT STARTS AT: Here is where you enter the start and stop times for the event. REMEMBER: We run our Missions games in 5 hours. So the end time should ALWAYS be 5 hours from the start time.
      • IMPORTANT: All event times should be listed in Eastern Time. We provide a handy Timezone Converter if you need to know what time that would be for you. 
  • Details

    Here you can put a description of the event that you are running, maybe put some interesting flavor in there to entice players to come to your game. This is just a place for you to add additional info that you want players to see.

  • GM

    Enter your full name (first and last) in this field.

  • GM-Discord

    Enter your Discord Username here. This allows players to more easily find you on the Shadowcasters Network Discord server when it comes time for your event.

  • Category

    Select the type of event you are running.

    • Shadowrun Misssion
    • First Taste (coming soon…)
    • Build-A-Runner (coming soon…)

Step 4: Submit

Click on the “Submit Event” button at the bottom of the form.

Step 5: Wait for Approval

All of the games submitted by our GMs must be approved by the Shadowrun Missions Online staff. It’s a simple process that allows us to screen to make sure valid events are being submitted and to enter a bit of extra data on the backend that allows players to sign up for events.

If there is a problem with your event submission, you will be contacted via the email in your SCN Profile page.

If everything looks good, then your event will be approved and you will be notified via email that the approval is complete.

Step 6: Prepare

Up to five players will sign up for your game. You are free to advertise your event wherever you’d like, tell your friends, whatever. The Shadowrun Missions Online venue is about getting people together to play.

After your event was approved you should have also received an email giving you an invitation to the Roll20 table that you will be using to run your game. It is a good idea to make sure that you log on to that table, make sure that you have been given GM permissions, and then start browsing the assets for your mission. The more familiar you are with those assets in the journal and the tokens, the more smoothly your game will run.

If you have ANY questions about anything, or if you believe that something was done incorrectly, please contact the Shadowcasters Network using our Contact Form. Someone will try to get back to you as quickly as is possible.