HOW TO: Get Connected on Discord

Discord is our primary tool for communicating during and outside of game events here on the Shadowrun Missions Online venue. In order to play Shadowrun Missions games here you’re going to have to get connected with us on Discord. Here’s how to do it!

Step 1: Click Our Discord Link

Click on THIS LINK to get an invitation to the SRM: Online Discord server.

Step 2: Choose a Discord Username

The invitation link takes you to a place where you will enter a username for others to recognize you on Discord (thanks, Bobby, for explaining how usernames work…). Enter a username and click the “Continue” button.

NOTE: If you already use Discord and have a Discord account, you can choose the “Login” link below the form to login with your existing Discord account.

Discord new user form

Discord new user form

Step 3: Enter Account Info

This is normal account setup stuff. You enter your Email, password, and an optional avatar. We don’t need dictate how you do this part.

Discord account setup form

Discord account setup form

Step 4: Download Discord

It is STRONGLY advised that our players download the Discord application onto their computers. The reason for this is so that the voice chat features will work reliably while you are also using our virtual tabletop. To do this, simply click on the “Download” link and follow the setup instructions and prompts given to you by Discord.

Image of Discord download link

Image of Discord download link

Step 5: Find the Shadowrun Missions Online Channels

Once you’ve connected to our Shadowcasters Network Server you will see that we have a LOT of stuff going on in there! It is quite the vibrant community, and we encourage you to check it all out. However, right now you’re mostly concerned with getting to your Missions game that you signed up for. Simply find the “SHADOWRUN MISSIONS ONLINE” channels at the bottom of that list of channels.

  • missions-online-beta – Is the text channel for people playing in the Shadowrun Missions Online venue. You will chat via text in this channel for coordinating your game or chatting with other Missions players.
  • Misssions Beta Events – Is theĀ voice channel for people who are actively playing Shadowrun Missions Online. You will use this room to chat with your GM and other players during your scheduled event.

That’s it! Enjoy playing Shadowrun Missions Online!