Kill Maverick

We Will Be Raffling Off Extra Tickets to This Event!!

Still want your chance to get into the Kill Maverick event? Never fear! We’re selling raffle tickets to win a chance to face off against Maverick during our 36-Hour Stream-a-Thon. Here’s the details:

  • Wait until Tuesday, July 18.
  • Head to our FundRazr page and purchase as many “Kill Maverick Edge Points” as you want.
  • Each purchased ticket will get your name in the drawing. The more you buy the better chance you have of winning!
  • Show up to the Shadowcasters Network Twitch Channel at 7:45pm and stick around for the drawing where you might win a chance to face-off against Maverick!
  • Do you need to bring a Shadowrun character? No. We will have pre-made characters that you can use if you don’t have one yourself. However, you are encouraged to bring your own Shadowrun Missions legal character so that you can’t blame us for losing. 😉 See below in the “What Are the Rules?” heading for details on making a Missions legal character.

What is it?

“Kill Maverick” is your chance to test your skills in Shadowrun combat against Maverick from the Arcology Podcast Actual Play! You will get the opportunity to bring a character of your making and face-off against Maverick in an arena-style combat scenario.

When is it?

This event is taking place during the Shadowcasters Network’s 36-Hour Stream-a-Thon. The Kill Maverick event starts at 7:45pm EST on Friday July 21st and will last for 2 hours.

Who is “Maverick”?

Maverick is the gun-slinging mystic adept from the Arcology Podcast Actual Play. He’s known for his deadly shot, and his killer puns. Honestly, though… if you don’t know who Maverick is, then you’re probably not here looking to get a ticket to this event.

What are the Rules?

Aside from the obvious rules that govern the Shadowrun RPG, the only other rules are:

  • You must use a Shadowrun Missions legal character. Detailed rules for what constitutes a Shadowrun Missions legal character can be found here. It should also be noted that both the Hero Lab and Chummer 5a character generators have character creation options for Shadowrun Missions legal characters.
  • You will not be allowed to burn Edge. You can, of course, spend Edge during combat, but neither you, nor Maverick, will be allowed to BURN Edge.

How Do I Play?

It’s easy! Head on over to our fundraiser page and purchase an advance ticket to the event! These tickets are being sold until July 16th. This ticket will guarantee that you have a spot to take your shots at Maverick.

However, if you don’t get a ticket in time, never fear! Show up to the 36-Hour Stream-a-Thon. During the event, and in the hours before the Kill Maverick event, we will raffle off some tickets to anyone who wants to participate.