About Us


The Shadowcasters Network is a group of passionate geeks who love making cool stuff about Shadowrun. Not only are we committed to creating the highest quality Shadowrun content for fans to enjoy, but we want to create new tools, amazing experiences, and bring Shadowrun to more people than ever before.

We’re not just trying to accomplish this goal by pumping out more podcasts. There is already a satisfying menu of Shadowrun podcasts to choose from. We’re focused on making our current products as good as they can possibly be. Quality over quantity. But more than podcasts, we want to extend the reach and influence of Shadowrun gaming. Imagine being able to play official Shadowrun: Missions games from the comfort of your home online? The Shadowcasters Network is creating an infrastructure to make that happen! What about tools and resources to enhance and enable your Shadowrun play experience? We’re creating and bringing all these things under one curated umbrella so that Shadowrun fans can get it.