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Somebody’s got to run these games! Might as well be YOU!

Being a gamemaster is an incredibly rewarding experience. You have the chance to lead a group of players through an amazing story in the Sixth World of Shadowrun. You set the pace, play multiple characters, and share in the excitement as your players fight for their lives or sneak in just under the noses of corporate security. Nothing is more satisfying that seeing a group of players let out an exhilarated cheer as they barely make it out by the skin of their teeth all under YOUR guidance.

What’s in it For Me?

Okay, so that dramatic telling of your GM experience didn’t hook you? You want to get down to brass tacks? Well good on ya, chummer. That’s the Shadowrun spirit. Well I’m about to Edge my Negotiation test on you with some of these benefits:

Free Shadowrun PDFs

As a Shadowrun GM for SRM Online you will earn credits for each event that you run. These credits can be exchanged for free PDFs of Shadowrun books.

Flexible Gaming Schedule

As a GM you can decide when it is that you want to run your games. Pick a time that works best for you, and we will provide a means for posting the event and helping you get players!

Access to Players

We have Shadowrun players from all over the place who are looking to play Shadowrun with officially sanctioned Shadowrun GMs. If you become a GM you will have access to that centralized pool of players, and therefore have an easier time getting your games organized!

Requirements for Becoming a GM

So what does it take to become a GM? It’s pretty simple, really. We want GMs who have a love for the game Shadowrun and a passion for sharing that love in a positive and inclusive way. I know it might sound cheesy, but that’s what we want. In general we want our GMs to:

  • Be Positive
  • Be Professional
  • Help Everyone Have Fun

Procedure for Becoming a GM

1. Become a CDT Agent

Since you will be running officially sanctioned Shadowrun Missions games you are required to become a Catalyst Demo Team (CDT) Agent. The process is incredibly simple and handled by Catalyst Game Labs:

  1. Go to the Catalyst Demo Team Facebook Page.
  2. Download the Agent Application Package (it is a pinned post there).
  3. Complete the application and follow the instructions for submission.
    • IMPORTANT: The application says “Phase 2” on it… but that’s a holdover from some old system. You didn’t miss any steps!
    • “NOTE OF INTEREST” – The application will ask for a “Note of Interest”. You do not need one. Don’t worry about it. 
    • REFERRING AGENT” – Put either Clifton Wright or Robert Frankenberger as the “Referring Agent”.

If you have any trouble with this process, please contact us at [email protected].

2. Register as a GM

Now that you’re an agent (or in the process of becoming one) you can fill out the form to be granted access to become a SRM Online Gamemaster.

Simply fill out the form!

Once we have received your GM Request and we confirm with Catalyst Game Labs that your CDT Agent application has been approved, then we will send you an email to inform you that you are a new GM for SRM Online!

3. You’re Done

Seriously, it was that easy. Stop worrying. We’ll contact you when it’s all ready to go.

Have Questions? Need Help?

Feel free to contact us using our Contact Form if you need any help or have any questions at all.