Frequently Asked Questions About SRMO

Please note that the official Shadowrun Missions FAQ has a HUGE amount of information in it pertaining to Shadowrun Missions, the rules, what books are allowed, how to make legal Shadowrun Missions characters, etc… For most of your questions you will find an answer there.

However, if you don’t find it there, or if you are asking questions specifically about the events that we run here on the Shadowrun Missions Online venue, then continue on!

If you don’t find the answer to your question at the official SRM FAQ, or below, then please feel free to contact us using the form on our Contact Page.


“Do I need to join the Roll20 table before the game event starts?”

No. Simply  make sure that you are logged into the Shadowcasters Network Discord server, and enter the appropriate Shadowrun Missions Online voice and text channels. Your GM will make sure that you are given a URL right before the game starts so that you can enter the virtual tabletop for your game. In some instances the GM will contact you in the days before the game begins in order to give you more information/Roll20 link/answer any questions etc.


“Do I need to submit my character for review?”

Nope! We operate largely on an honor system. However, having said that, many Gamemasters will request that you send your character sheet to them via email or some other way. We currently allow character sheets to be uploaded into our discord server chat rooms. This makes getting your character sheet to the GM much easier.  Requesting your character sheet is the prerogative of the GM. Sometimes they want to do a quick verification to make sure there’s nothing fishy going on. Sometimes GMs simply want to get a feel for what their players can do so they can adjust the mission to fit the group. The bottom line is: Obey your GM.  😉

“Can I bring the characters I have created for Shadowrun Missions Online to conventions like Gen Con, Origins, and PAX?”

Absolutely! The games that we run here at SRMO are considered official Shadowrun Missions events. You can take a character you started in our games, go play that same character at Origins or Gen Con earning karma and nuyen, and then even bring them right back to play with us again once Gen Con is over. For all intents and purposes, our games that we run here can be thought of as the same as a game you play at a convention table. Only you don’t have to wear pants to our games. Although if this does happen, please don’t inform the GM, we don’t want to know that kind of stuff.

“What happens with these characters when the new season of Missions in Neo-Tokyo comes out?”

In summer of 2018 the new season (season 9) of Shadowrun Missions was released by Catalyst Game Labs and debuted at Origins Game Fair. Season 9 takes place in Neo-Tokyo and is considered a reboot. This means that only brand new missions characters will be allowed to be played in Season 9 of Shadowrun Missions. What does that mean for you? Characters made for the Chicago Missions (Seasons 5 – 8 and CMPs 2010-2017) can only be played in the Chicago Missions, and they cannot be carried over to the Neo-Tokyo Missions games. For further information on what missions are allowed and disallowed for either type of character please see the Missions FAQ as linked at the top of this page.


If you wish to become a CDT agent you can fill out the most recent version of the CDT Agent Application found here.

“Do I need to submit a ‘Note of Interest‘ with my CDT Application?”

No. We’ve been assured that you can skip that part if you are becoming a CDT Agent for Shadowrun Missions Online….. Which you are… so skip it.

“Who should I enter as the ‘Referring Agent‘?”

You can use the name ‘Clifton Wright’ or ‘Robert Frankenberger’ or ‘Matt Lemmon’. We vouch for you… SO DON’T SCREW IT UP!