The Shadowcasters Network is a group of passionate geeks who love gaming and sharing that passion with everyone on the internet. Whether it’s Tabletop RPGs, boardgames, or video games, we spend most of our time trying to figure out how we can show off the stuff we love playing, in the hopes that you’ll love it too. We’ve got our popular Shadorwun shows The Arcology Podcast, Neo-Anarchist PodcastTales From the Stuffer Shack, and GM Screen, as well as an immensely popular Shadowrun: Anarchy live show called Join the Anarchy. We’ve got the up and coming boardgaming smash-hit Once Upon A Tabletop. We’ve got our weekly video game variety stream Mediocre at Best. And these are just the tip of the iceberg! Our lineup is growing and we’ve got more ideas that we’re excited to try out!

What are we trying to do?

Our fans helped us raise the money to get through our first year of business, and it has been a BLAST! However, we don’t plan on slowing down, so we’re here again to try and keep this train moving.

Charity – WorldBuilders

Last year we saw an incredibly moving show of support by all of our fans. You guys donated enough to help get us going. We have been so proud of the generosity of our fans and friends that we want to pay it forward this year by donating some of the money we raise to charity.

One-Third of all the money we make up to $3000 will be donated to the WorldBuilders organization.

One-Half of every dollar we make over $3000 will then also be donated to WorldBuilders.

We are really excited about the opportunity to be able to help out this charitable organization, and we hope you are too! If you’d like more info on them, click on the link below!

Shadowrun Missions: Online

This past year we’ve been building a brand new online venue for playing officially sanctioned Shadowrun Missions games. These games, normally only played at conventions or hard-t0-find small game stores, are a way for players to participate in the living Shadowrun campaign continually developed by Catalyst Game Labs. Our venue allows players to create missions legal characters, play sanctioned missions games from the comfort of their homes, and have their sessions count toward their character’s official career progress. We want to keep this venue running, and improve on it in some big ways by creating a simple system that allows you to log onto a website, check for games being run at your convenience, and grab a ticket to play Shadowrun.

More Streaming

Streaming content has become a big part of what we do here at the Shadowcasters Network, and we have some great ideas for new shows.

  • New RPG Live plays (Paranoia? Pathfinder? Vampire: The Masquerade? WHO KNOWS?!?)
  • More boardgame shows
  • A weekly news and gaming talk show
  • Live tournament events


Can’t get enough podcasts? Neither can we! That’s why we keep making them. We have new shows in the pipe ready to be brought to life. We want to raise them up and send them to you with the best quality that we can manage. Anyone remember that Earthdawn podcast we did once? Maybe it will be back? Hmmm? Join the Anarchy podcast? Perhaps? Let’s make these things happen!

Stream-A-Thon is BACK!

On July 6th we are bringing back our epic fundraising event over on our Twitch channel. For 36 straight hours we will be streaming live content from the Shadowcasters and other friends of the network. We’ll have things like:

  • A Shadowrun Authors Panel Q&A
  • An All-Star Game of Paranoia
  • Sixth World Podcast RETURNS
  • Join the Anarchy
  • My Little Pony Reunion Show
  • The Return of the Dear Handy Call-In Show
  • On-Air Giveaways and Raffles
  • Chances to Talk to, and play with your favorite shadowcasters
  • And much, MUCH more!

If you thought it was fun last year, just wait! You’ll not want to miss this chance to get involved in the action. We can’t wait to interact with our fans for 36 straight hours!

We Need Your Help!

This company is quite literally kept in business by the generous support of our fans. We can’t do it with your help. Check out the rest of the page, see the fun ways you can help out by donating, and we’ll see you on the other side!

36-Hour Stream-a-Thon!

WHEN: Starting Friday July 6th @ 4PM EST

WHERE: The SCN Twitch Channel

WHAT: The Shadowcasters network will stream for 36-Hours straight! We’ll have shows like:


Donate by getting a “Karma Point” raffle ticket and be entered to win one of the following things to be raffled off during the Fundraiser:

Once Upon A Tabletop: The Game of LIFE!

Once Upon A Tabletop tackles the greatest tabletop roleplay challenge of all… The Game of LIFE!

On Friday July 6th @ 11PM EST, join Bobby, Cliff, and Ozz with special guests Chris (Crit Squad) and Paige (Join the Anarchy) as they try their hardest to do the best they can to make something of themselves in LIFE. You, the viewer, will also have the chance to try YOUR best to help them out or throw a wrench in their plans by donating to the fundraiser!


Hello citizen. Friend computer insists that you would be happy attending this show. You DO want to be HAPPY don’t you? You aren’t a COMMIE TRAITOR are you?!?

Saturday July 7th @ 1PM EST: One of our most popular shows from last year’s Stream-a-Thon was Paranoia! We’ll be assembling another all-star cast for another game this year. The best part about this show? You can donate to give the players special action cards which they can use to secretly betray one another throughout the stream. It’s going to be a BLAST!

Join the Anarchy

Your favorite show that mixes improv, roleplay, and ANARCHY into one hilarious romp! 

On Saturday July 7th @ 9PM EST you can join your favorite Anarchy GM, Ozz, and his cast of incredible improv roleplayers, Scrim, Trav, and Paige, as they bring you a special episode of Join the Anarchy. Come join in on the fun by helping them decide what they’re going to do next!

My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria RPG

The Five Little Ponies are back again after saving Equestria from a dangerous comet cult. What adventures will these friends get into this time?

Join them on Friday July 6th @ 7PM EST for some great roleplaying. There will be lots of opportunities for you to help the players in their adventure and help the Shadowcasters Network at the same time!


Bobby is challenging all mechwarriors who think they have what it takes to bring him down. Show him what you’ve got!

On Saturday July 7th @ 1:30AM EST Bobby will be accepting challengers who wish to prove themselves in mechwarrior combat. You can enter the battle arena in 1v1 skirmish combat with Bobby by donating to the fundraiser. Details are here. We will also be giving away a few game keys for Battletech, so even if you’re not going to enter the competition, show up for the chance to win!

Sixth World Podcast RETURNS!

Bobby and Cassie are BACK with a one-time special episode talking to Shadowrun freelancers and lore experts about your Shadowrun lore questions!

On Saturday July 7th @ 7PM EST, we’ll be hosting a one-time return episode of the popular Sixth World Podcast with Bobby and Cassie. They’ll have special guest Shadowrun freelance author Kevin Czarnecki and another guest to talk about Shadowrun lore and take your questions! Don’t miss your chance!

Dear Handy Call-In Show

Join renowned SIxth World Radio Extraordinaire Handy with his special returning guest Payday as they answer your calls and question live and on the air!

On Sunday July 8th @ Midnight EST Bobby and Damian will be returning as everyone’s favorite Sixth World Radio Duo, Handy and Payday, as they take your calls and questions and give you the advice you never knew you probably didn’t need.

And Lots More!

These are just the beginning. The full schedule can be seen below. Come join us for a fun chance to help out the Shadowcasters Network fundraiser and also possibly win something during our chat giveaways and our raffle ticket drawings.

See you there!